Sandy Still

Rod Hall

Allen Miller

Jim Jack


“Musical talent and versatility, humour and an entertaining programme .... combined to provide an enjoyable evening of folk music at the Civic Theatre...’” (Judy Abel).

‘”..through their friendliness, humour and camaraderie they established a rapport with their audience which was never lost.’” (Judy Abel)

“This was a very successful evening and there can be no doubt that the Fourum will not have much difficulty in packing houses wherever the group is known.’” (Jeremy Morrison)

“The discovery of a new talented songwriter penning material about local life is worth shouting about...” (Nic Mitchell - Middlesbrough Evening Gazette)

“.. a superb performance ... combining humour with sadness in a range of songs from Geordie favourites and sea shanties to the beautiful compositions of group member Allen Miller about his beloved Swaledale. ... A lasting memory of the evening will be the Swaledale songs .... Not only was it a slick performance but a thoroughly friendly one...’” (John Dean)

“The versatility of the individual members was staggering, with each one playing several instruments, as well as singing solo parts. But it was the beautiful blend of voices, the perfect timing and genuine musicianship which gave each song its own atmosphere, and brought each one to life.’” (Darlington & Stockton Times)

“... Fourum are best known of course for their songs of the dales, and indeed the characters and incidents, the legends, and the places themselves which make up the rich heritage of life in the dales, were wonderfully evoked in these songs written by Allen Miller.’” (Darlington & Stockton Times)

“ ... One imagined an old photograph, a line from a parish register, a ruined building, and there was the inspiration for a song, and we were transported in time and place – we were there.’” (MP)

“No greater tribute can be paid than to say that the names Fourum and Swaledale will be forever linked…..” (The Dalesman - August 1997)

“For the many who flock to hear them play……it’s that sense of enjoyment which makes it an experience to remember” (The Dalesman - August 1997)

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