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News: 2017

(Fourum’s 46th Year)

February 2017:    45 Years completed - and still going strong!

Allen and his wife, Yolanda, spent their first whole winter together in England so Fourum were able to take advantage of this extra rehearsal time to work on some new material for the coming season, including an American classic Folk/Country & Western song that has been recorded by such artists as Arlo Guthrie, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and many others. Allen has long been a fan of C&W music and is excited to go back to his roots with this song.

On February 12th Fourum passed the 45 year mark and are now embarking on their 46th year. By the middle of April Jim and Allen will have joined Rod in the splendid 70s. Sandy still (no pun intended!) has another couple of years before he reaches that landmark.

Bob’s maps had their final exhibition at Richmond Station over a two week period at the beginning of February. Fourum turned up one Sunday morning during that period and gave an impromptu free airing of some of their songs. This too was very well received.

February 2017:    

The concert at Skeeby was a sold out affair. A few days before the concert Allen developed shingles on the right side of his face and was told he would still be contagious so he was unable to attend. This is the only concert Allen has ever missed through illness in 46 years! However the remaining three revamped the programme and pulled out all the stops on the night. The evening proved an undoubted success and Fourum have already been invited back!


Fourum gave a free lunchttime concert at Richmond Railway Station


A wonderful concert at Marrick Priory. We sang right in front of the tomb of Isabella (Beaufort!?)!

June  2017:    

Another sold-out concert in Gunnerside as part of the Swaledale Festival. About half of the audience were on holiday in the Dales and had never seen us before so we ended up with a number of new converts to our music!

A few days later we played a concert in Manfield Village Hall which again was well-received.

September 2017:    

A very special concert for us as we were playing in the private chapel of the Earl of Zetland at Aske Hall. Allen had no voice so the rest of the group  had to sing extra loud!!

October 2017:    

Aanother amazing night at the Georgian Theatre. The audience were wonderful and joined in at every opportunity. We introduced seven new songs which were all well-received. This will go down as yet another night to remember. By the end of the evening the place was really rocking!

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