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News: 2016

(Fourum’s 45th Year)

April 2016:    Ready for yet another new season

Allen is now back from Texas with his wife, Yolanda, who now has a visa to stay permanently in the UK. This means that this year they will be spending the whole winter in England so that Yolanda can experience her first English Christmas - complete with the weather! Fourum will also be available for any Christmas or winter bookings.

Rehearsals have started for the first two concerts which will take place in the first weekend of June. Manfield Church is where both Sandy and Allen celebrated their marriages. Reeth Methodist Church (where Fourum will be performing as part of the Swaledale Festival) is a favourite spot for the group as the acoustics are so good there.

The group will be introducing at least two new Dales songs to their repertoire, one written by Rod and the other by Allen.

4th June 2016:   Manfield Village Hall

The Concert at Manfield Village Hall was very well received. A most appreciative audience and a couple of new songs as well.

5th June 2016:    Reeth Methodist Chapel (Swaledale Festival)

A wonderful  day and a beautiful setting in Reeth Methodist Chapel for our annual appearance at the Swaledale Festival . We began the afternoon concert with a new Dales song written by Rod - which was received with great applause - and the rest of the songs were equally appreciated, with the audience joining in many of the well-known choruses to our Dales songs. We have appeared many times in this chapel -but this was to be the last as the venue is in great need of updating - money for which does not seem to be forthcoming. A shame, but we will always remember it and its great acoustics with fondness.

Summer 2016:    

Fourum tried on a number of occasions over the summer (when band members were not on holiday) to give some more free outdoor concerts on Reeth Green. Unfortunately the weather didn’t play ball - and on two occasions we had to cancel at the last minute when we found out that Reeth Brass Band were playing! Oh well, there’s always next summer!

29th May 2016:    Reeth Green Free Concert

Yet another wonderful afternoon on Reeth Green outside the Ice Cream Parlour today The large crowd were most appreciative and, as usual, a good time was had by all - Fourum included.

1st October 2016:    Georgian Theatre, Richmond

A packed house saw Fourum airing lots of new songs and tunes as well as some old favourites. Always a great occasion - the atmosphere is always so friendly and intimate, and the audience so appreciative. A great time was had by all!

8th October 2016:    Low Row United Reformed Church

Fourum provided the entertainment at the annual Harvest Festival. A very good evening, although Fourum had to start without Rod - who went to the wrong church! However he did arrive by the end of the third song of a hastily rearranged programme, so all was forgiven.

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